Smoked Meats

Pulled Pork or Chicken by the pound: $16.00/lb
-1 lb feeds 3-4 people 

Smoked Spiral Glazed Ham: $5.00/lb
-Feeds 10-12 people 

Beef Brisket: $25.00/lb
-1 lb feeds 3-4 people 

Smoked Ribs: $24.00/rack
-1 rack feeds 3-4 people 

Smoked Rib Tips: $40.00/tray
-Feeds 4-5 people 

Smoked Chicken Chili: $55.00/gallon
-1 gallon feeds 12-14 people 

Smoked Chicken Wings: $1.50/each

Smoked Chicken Thighs: $40.00/tray
-1 tray feeds 10 people

Smoked Brats: $40.00/tray
-1 tray feeds 20 people 

Smoked Turkey: $5.00/lb
Smoked Pork Belly Burnt Ends: $7.00 1/2 lb

Smoked Armadillo Egg: $6.00/each

Please specify amount and quantity when ordering


Smoked Ham & Mac and Cheese: $40.00/tray
-1 tray feeds 10-12 people

Smoked Pulled Pork & Beans: $40.00/tray
-1 tray feeds 12-15 people

Smoked Sweet Potatoes: $50.00/tray 
-1 tray feeds 12-15

Jalapeno/Cilantro Coleslaw: $40.00/tray
-1 tray feeds 12-15 people

Loaded Potato Salad: $40.00/tray
-1 tray feeds 15-18 people

Italian Pasta Salad: $40.00/tray
-1 tray feeds 12-15 people

Creamy/Sweet Slaw: $40.00/tray
-1 tray feeds 12-15 people 

Green Bean Casserole: $40.00/tray
-1 tray feeds 12-15 people


Buns: $4/dozen

BBQ Sauces:$10.00/bottle or $50.00/gallon
-House Blend, Aioli, Smokey Mountain, Hot & Spicy

Mixed fruit tray: $65.00/tray
Mixed veggie tray w/dip: $40.00/tray

Thanksgiving Menu

Pick up Wednesday 11/24 3-6pm or Thanksgiving Day 11am-2pm



Family Meal Deal: $120
-Smoked turkey (12 lbs) or ham, a tray of green bean casserole, a tray of mashed potatoes and a dozen Hawaiian buns (no substitutions)


A La Carte
Smoked turkey hens
: $60
- feeds 8

Smoked turkey toms: $90
- feeds 12

Smoked spiral ham: $50
- 9.5 lbs

Smoked brisket: $25/lb
- sold by the pound

Smoked pork: $16/lb
- sold by the pound


Sides: each tray feeds 10-12 people

Smoked BBQ beans: $40.00

Smoked green bean casserole: $40.00
Smoked mac 'n cheese w/bacon: $40

Smoked sweet potatoes w/pecan crust: $55

Regular mashed potatoes: $40

Cauliflower blend casserole: $40

Smoked sausage stuffing: $40

Hawaiian buns: $3/dozen

To place your order:

Email us at

or call 616-294-2513 

Advanced notice required for all catering menu orders